Why We Fell In Love With Lanai

Owned By Larry Ellison

And probably the best reason is three years ago Larry Ellison, the former CEO of Oracle, purchased 98% of the island from David Murdoch. Ellison owns the two Four Seasons and all of the dirt except for currently deeded property.

Not Too Much Rain

This is a dry island compared to Maui and Kauai. There is plenty of water but rainfall is less than 12 inches a year. There is a constant easy breeze.

World-Class Resort & Golf

There are two world-class Four Seasons Resorts and a golf course at Koele.

Free To Roam

The entire island is open to the locals. You can take your ATV, Dirt Bike or Jeep to any beach anywhere on the island. There is virtually no fenced off private property. It is like having your own private island.

The Water Is Great!

The water temperature is 80 plus degrees and the snorkeling, diving and paddle boarding is fantastic.

Number One Beach In The World

The beach at Manele Bay was listed as the number one beach in the world in 1999. It is extraordinary and is comparatively private and quiet. It is frequented by a school of spinner dolphins.

Easily Accessible By Plane

The airport supports 4-5 commercial flights a day from Honolulu and can accommodate any private aircraft.

Slow & Relaxed Atmosphere

No stoplights and an island speed limit of 35 MPH.

Close Knit Family

There are only 3,000 residents. They are very friendly and low key.

Virtually No Tourists

There are virtually no tourists other than patrons of the Four Seasons or the expensive executive homes adjacent to the resorts.

No Modern Evidence Of Society

There is no modern evidence of society … no billboards, fast food or tacky architecture.

Authentically Preserved

It is the only Hawaiian island that looks, feels and acts like it did 50 years ago.